Saturday, July 09, 2005

"Independence Day"

In the United States, the birth of the country is marked on July 4th, when the Declaration of Independence was made public (1776) and war officially begun against Great Britain.

I must admit, it is not a favorite holiday of mine. Some would say that shows I'm not a very patriotic American. I just say, well, it was independence for your family and much of mine -- but not all. Far from it.

Here's a piece by Robin Carneen that reflects my feelings and many of The People's:

Independence Day for Native Americans


  1. Rock on Robin!!!
    Until the people of this country wake up and realize that there are Native American people who need our support FAR MORE than the foreign countries we dole millions out to each year, this country willl NEVER be truly free.
    Keep on rocking at
    See Victorio
    Tom - Apache Mescalero Tribe

  2. i too have reservations about celebrating this "holiday"....i have been thought of as non-patriotic when actually to the people lost their independence long ago and still live with it.....suzanne-